Margot Suzanne Abbring was born in the Netherlands in 1962. She lived in several
countries in Europe over the years and has settled down in Spain. During her
school period she developed a great interest in drawing, painting, colors and forms and has ever done so since. Though originally dedicating herself to impressionistic oil painting, she has made a radical change years ago to acrylics in an abstract style. Her paintings are colorful, original and full of emotion.

I made the switch from impressionistic painting to abstract as I felt unsatisfied with the results lots of times. Abstract painting gives me more room for expression.

My inspiration comes from stimulation around me, colors, pictures, magazines, movies, fashion, shapes and even smells. I never sketch. I start working directly with the canvas which I prefer to be big and three-dimensional. I work mainly with acrylics and spatula but I like to experiment as well. Mixing different styles and techniques. My series on Architecture consist of black ink and acrylics…and are a combination of figurative and abstract. My Mixed Media Windows paintings are a mixture of transfers of photographs and acrylic painting and varnish. Past and present…..I love to mix the “stillness” of the B&W photo’s with the vivid colours of paint.

— Parallax Art Fair – London 2012.
— Premio Combat Prize 2013 (finalist)
— Sky Gallery Art’s Colectiva – Barcelona 2015

CDClifestyle London 17/02/2012: ”…The impressionist inspired abstract acrylic pieces by Margot Abbring were also outstanding and would definitely have to recommend that any serious buyers should most certainly put her on their radars, presenting some very colorful, emotive originals at the art fair and certainly drawing a crowd…”

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